Determining needing a pre?exposure prophylaxis programme utilising the social media app Grindr

Determining needing a pre?exposure prophylaxis programme utilising the social media app Grindr

B Hampel

1 unit of Infectious sickness and medical facility Epidemiology, University healthcare facility Zurich, college of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland,

2 Institute of health Virology, college of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland,

K Kusejko

1 Division of transmittable conditions and medical Epidemiology, institution medical facility Zurich, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland,

2 Institute of health Virology, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland,

DL Braun

1 section of Infectious issues and medical center Epidemiology, college medical Zurich, institution of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland,

2 Institute of hospital Virology, school of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland,

J Harrison?Quintana

3 Director of Grindr for equivalence, L. A., CA, UNITED STATE,

Roentgen Kouyos

1 department of Infectious issues and medical center Epidemiology, school medical Zurich, college of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland,

2 Institute of Medical Virology, institution of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland,

J Fehr

1 department of Infectious sickness and medical center Epidemiology, University medical center Zurich, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland,



HIV pre?exposure prophylaxis (Pr EP ) just isn’t authorized in Switzerland therefore ought to be obtained from users on their own. Most of us performed a survey to learn whether males that have gender with boys ( MSM ) in Switzerland are usually using Pr EP , or will be looking at utilizing it, and be it becoming used under health watch or not.


Grindr® are a geosocial networking application for MSM . Between 5 and 24 January 2017, users of the application who were found in Switzerland by an international placing method ( GPS ) are questioned to participate in in a ten?question study on Pr EP need.


With the 2455 people who took part for the research, 1893 are within the investigations. Eighty?two players (4.3per cent) stated that they certainly were at present using Pr EP , 64 of who (78percent) asserted that they were under surgical watch. Seven Pr EP individuals (9%) reported which they had not taken an HIV examination within the preceding year. Nine hundred and forty?four (49.9%) are contemplating getting Pr EP over the following just 6 months, and 1474 (77.9%) are thinking about getting it at some point in the long term.


In an internet study carried out among sexually effective MSM in Switzerland, merely a minority associated with the individuals greeted answered that they happened to be these days making use of Pr EP . But a good number of members were contemplating having Pr EP in the foreseeable future. All of us determined a considerable proportion of Pr EP users taking Pr EP outside a medical location. Therefore, a national system facilitating entry to medical care and promoting Pr EP is definitely desperately demanded.


HIV pre?exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) means making use of antiretroviral medicine to keep HIV disease. Large tests have shown highest efficiency of continual 1, 2 or intermittent 3 PrEP usage of tenofovir disoproxil fumarate/emtricitabine (TDF/FTC; Truvada®) in high?risk communities. PrEP had been approved by the food and substance management (FDA) of this United States Of America in 2012. Since that time, PrEP is becoming accessible under different issues a number of different countries.

In Switzerland, deterrence methods has triggered a stabilizing belonging to the HIV crisis in earlier times years 4. But you may still find numerous just detected HIV attacks yearly. Guy might love-making with boys (MSM) are most affected team, making contributions virtually half of completely new HIV medical diagnoses, showing that a subgroup of MSM will not be achieved by established protection campaigns. In this particular framework, PrEP might be a highly effective appliance complementing possible HIV avoidance campaigns. TDF/FTC just authorized for PrEP utilization in Switzerland. But the Federal Commission for Sexual Health posted tips about a way to track everyone taking PrEP and supports the need for those at high-risk for becoming afflicted with HIV 5.

So far, it is actually uncertain exactly how many individuals are using preparation in Switzerland or are thinking about they. Information from social networking as well as the European middle for ailments Control (ECDC) American PrEP reports suggest that you can find a considerable number of members of Switzerland previously making use of simple TDF/FTC obtained through online pharmacies without having medical direction. These people are in threat of building drug?related difficulties like for example opposition 6 and problems. Moreover, in cases where condoms commonly employed, getting different intimately transmissible issues (STIs) is more probable 7.

In order to gather reports about number of individuals already having Preparation in Switzerland, also to measure the popularity of PrEP among intimately active MSM in Switzerland, most people done an on-line survey regarding MSM marketing app Grindr® (Grindr LLC, L . A ., Ca, American). The objective of the study ended up being study the want when you look at the MSM neighborhood for a national PrEP program also the real and likely amounts of PrEP people in Switzerland.



Grindr® try a geosocial networking product for smart phones and tablets, built to let MSM meet up with more men within their place via geolocation. It operates with iOS and Android. Along with 6.5 million productive individuals monthly, as outlined by report furnished by the firm Grindr LLC, Grindr® is easily the most common cell phone app for that MSM people in this field. Between 5 and 24 January 2017, individuals who use the Grindr® software who have been located in Switzerland by a global position program (GPS) happened to be expected to sign up through the research. The question appeared in three of the national languages expressed in Switzerland, in other words. German, French and Italian, and additionally in English on alternating nights. To ensure that privacy, the survey came out on an independent website . You could select from these four dialects. As soon as participants got accomplished the analyze, a cookie averted all of them from participating once more from your same digital camera. To attain a very high impulse price Chattanooga TN escort reviews, all of us placed the survey as close as is possible, on your forecasted opportunity needed for a participant to carry out the survey are 1 minute. For questions 2, 3, 6, 7 and 8, advice from all players comprise bundled whether a solution was given or perhaps not. Points 4 and 5 comprise simply considered in instances where concern 3 had been clarified in a positive way. We all provided having access to details about PrEP to all of four tongues and provided tackles of HIV specialists in Switzerland to the players. The survey are provided in Shape ? Figure1 1 .

The research form. Pr EP , pre?exposure prophylaxis.

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