Complete Family Consultation (For 4 People) INR 16000 | $ 240


Complete Indepth Consultation using Nakshatras will include  the following





       1.    Complete Analysis 0f D1, D9, D10 and Other Divisional charts.

       2.    Suggest about the BEST  Career path/Profession suitable for you.

       3.   Degree analysis

       4.   Dasha analysis

        5.  Analysis of ATAMAKARAKA Planet.

        6. Ashtakvarga Points Analysis

        7.  Shani Sadesati  Effect

         8.  Analysis of karkas of GEMINI astrology.

         9   Gemstone  Recommendations.

         10. Why Are you BORN in a particular family?

          11.  How are all family members  Connected on the basis of Nakshatras ?

          12. Past life KARMIC SETTLEMENT Connection of family members.


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