Complete Birth Chart Analysis INR 5100 | $ 75


Complete Birth Chart Analysis using Nakshatras.
One hour detailed Consultation will be on Phone or live Consultation through Video Conference (zoom or skype).

  1. It Will include  Complete Analysis of D1, D9, D10 and other Divisional Charts.
  2. You will come to know about your Personality traits, strengths and weaknesses.

Why Do you behave in a particular way ?

3. Analysis of ATMAKARAKA (Soul Significator) Planet in your birth chart will tell you about your PAST LIFE Karmic debt.

Why Are you STRUGGLING in THIS  life?

4. Maximum amount of PAST Life Karma is stored in BHRIGU POINT :

Analysis of Bhrigu Point (imaginary mid point between Rahu and Moon) will tell you about:
Why have you taken birth?
What is the PURPOSE of your life?

5. Suggest you about the BEST Career path / Profession suitable for you.

6. Analysis of karkas (significators) of GEMINI Astrology.


8. Ashtakvarga Points Analysis

9. Dasha Analysis

10. Degrees Analysis

11. Gemstone Recommendations.

Focus will be on Practical and KARMIC astrological remedies and Mantras to coordinate  your Planets  and Nakshatra energies, so that you can have a GREAT and SUCCESSFUL life.


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