Past Life Analysis INR 7500/ $110


It Will include One hour detailed  PAST and PRESENT life Analysis.  It will be telephonic or live Consultation through Video Conference (Zoom or Skype).


Complete PAST and PRESENT Life Analysis using Nakshatras.

  1. It will include Complete Analysis of D1, D9, D10 and Other Dvisional Charts.
  2. Analysis of ATAMAKARAKA [ Soul Significator] Planet in your birth chart will tell you about your  PAST LIFE Karmic Debt.
  3. Analysis of BHRIGU POINT will tell you about the Purpose of your life.
  4. Our PRESENT life is highly influenced by Our PAST life karmas / deeds.
    Why Are you SUFFERING  in this life?
  5. Which Negative karmas lead to Malefic Planetary Combinations in Our horoscope in THIS life?
  6. Why Have we  SHRAPIT / CURSE Doshas in Our birth chart?
  7.  Will we be able to OVERCOME  those CURSES  in THIS  Life?
    This Consultation will help you in  a DEEPER understanding of your PAST and PRESENT life and finding ultimate Solution through kARMIC remedies and  Mantras according to your Nakshatras.


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