Astro Richa Luthra

Importance of janma nakshatra (birth nakshatra)

Birth Nakshatra is Very important as per Vedic Astrology. Birth Nakshatra is the nakshatra in which the Moon was placed at the time of birth.

The Vimshottari Mahadasha  A 120 year long Planetary Cycle is based upon the Birth Nakshatra. It is the primary motivation of the mind to see things with a personal perspective. It controls natural instincts, likes, dislikes and is adapt at doing certain things better than others.
For example people having Kritika as Birth Star may have the following traits :

The Symbol is knife or blade, the mind of the person is razor sharp. Kritika Nakshatra possesses qualities like sharpness ,skill,expertise and ability to cut whatever it doesnt find useful. They can reach directly to the point. They act in a sudden and explosive manner.

Sun is the ruling planet of Kritika so they may have all SUN like qualities: power, authority, leadership, ego, self confidence, pride etc.. They can ruthlessly conquer any obstacles or enemies that come in their path.                                                                                  The worship of the diety of the Janma Nakshatra can give great clarity to the mind in difficult  situations.                                                Therefore Janma Nakshatra is Very vital for the entire  Well being of the native. Birth  Nakshatra remedies [ may be different for everyone] always give excellent results.